Case Studies

The Overwhelming Working World

Client A came to Julianne with symptoms of burnout and fatigue, she had had a challenging 12 months in work, including bullying and harassment. She was sleeping badly, little energy and a huge amount of self doubt and anxiety.


During the first few sessions we worked using EFT and breath to allow the body to move out of the aroused state it was stuck in. We then began to process the trauma around the bullying. Through this we found old beliefs stemming from her childhood, we are now working on changing the energy/emotion attached to specific memories using Matrix Reimprinting so she can create a life of limitless possibilities without fear of "getting it wrong"with the new beliefs that will be formed.


Delving Deeper Made me Realise Big Things

Client B came to Julianne as she was feeling, that her life had little purpose, that she found she wasn't feeling fulfilled or even aware of what she wanted in life. We worked together to unpick beliefs, find memories that needed processing and then Julianne mentored her through an action plan for change.

"The journey to healing is never easy but meeting Julianne gave me the confidence to not only look inside myself but unlock the parts of me that I never allowed myself to embrace. Julianne is not only gentle in her approach but her natural empathetic nature allows a safe place to just be. Thank you for holding that space for me"  Dorset. 


Tapping (EFT) Relieved my Anxieties and Opened my Heart 

Client C came to Julianne with symptoms of panic and anxiety. She had longstanding anxiety, which had led to health anxiety in recent years and had found some relief from this using hypnotherapy. However she was still stuck with intrusive thoughts around leaving the house, particularly worse since moving to her own address.


During 3 sessions, we found the root cause around her being shouted at frequently as a child by a neighbour, which developed a belief at the age of 5 that it wasn't safe to go outside. Once we had cleared the emotion, she was able to give a new meaning to what was happening and found it easier to leave the house. She began to tap daily on any emotions or unhelpful thoughts and soon found she was achieving more than she had ever imagined.


Techniques I've Learnt, I'll Use for My Whole Life


"I've known Julianne for 4 years and she has helped me countless times. My upbringing was very 'flamboyant', this created a lot of hidden suppressed emotions and feelings that have been hard to over come.


I have received Emotional Freedom Technique from Julianne many times. It has always allowed me to overcome experiences that were overwhelming. Her lovely nature, calm collective voice and her ability to reflect your emotions back at you allows for true clearance to be made."


Julianne helped me through my university study 2 years ago, helping me find 'courage' and unblock emotional pulls that where keeping me away from my 'courage'.  I hold SO MUCH trust in this woman and she really has been a life line for my progress. I am set to walk a path of the courageous child, the courageous youth, the courageous young adult"