Authentically Flawed
Emotional Health Therapist and Mentor.


Welcome to the web space of Julianne Downham.

Julianne is a passionate therapist and mentor who is enthusiastic to help and support people through times of difficulty and trauma.

Julianne believes that if we learn to change the stories that we tell ourselves, we will ultimately transform ourselves and our lives.

You are warmly welcome here.


Introduction to Authentically Flawed

Divorce, bankruptcy and bereavement. Life can come at us faster than we expect it to sometimes. It did for Julianne.

From these experiences Julianne began her journey of self enquiry, seeing and understanding her flaws, whilst also learning to honour and accept her self more and how they have made her grow and become more of her truthful being. 


Julianne offers space to embrace your own flaws and to ultimately hold and cherish your own authenticity, something she believes that we can all find within us.

This is what she offers today, mixing a wealth of real life experience both personally and professionally with her skills and training. Recognising the challenges we face, many of which are responded to from our subconscious understanding of our experiences, rather than a natural conscious response. 

The process that she offers gives insight and understanding to how our stories are formed and how we are conditioned and programmed from a young age. These stories become our light, our very being but these stories can often limit us and prevents our real selves shining.

If authenticity is something you strive for, Julianne would love to walk the path with you.

Julianne has over 20 years experience working in the field of mental health nursing. She has worked within a variety of services which has given her a wide understanding of what people live with, what challenges can present and how best to support those in real need. She is trauma informed and works within safe parameters at all times.


Diving Deeper



A short breakdown of the therapies and techniques which are offered.


Case Studies

Read about cases and how Julianne helped them and their story.

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Articles and blog posts sharing Julianne's knowledge and passion.



Julianne is offering online appointments.


There are great benefits of receiving therapy online and the practice is now being proven to have vast benefits. This can even be a preferred choice for my people with children and young people.


The appointments will be a safe, secure and a GDPR compliant space for you to meet and be heard. Confidentiality is her upmost priority for all clients, at all times.


Julianne would love to invite you to initial meeting for you to meet her and discuss how she could support you. From there she would be honoured to help guide and steer you to a tailored approach of therapies, therapeutic techniques and client specific mentoring if you are called to do so.


This is her passion and life calling to be able to offer support and space for people. I am very experienced in making people feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. Julianne meets you were you are at, without expectations 


Please do contact her below if you feel any of this could help you or someone close to you.


20 minute free consultation offered. 

60 minutes appointment = £60

6 week programmes = £330 (including the integrative supporting exercises)


Julianne is trained in safeguarding and is DBS checked.


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Emotional Freedom Techniques are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or mental illness. EFT is a Complementary Therapy and although it often gets powerful results, it is still regarded as new and experimental by the mainstream. These techniques are not intended as a substitute for traditional medical, psychological or psychiatric care. Julianne Downham is not medically trained and does not advocate discontinuing prescribed medication or medical, psychological or psychiatric care without consulting your Doctor.